Zaatar Zawtar


The Agro-Cooperative Association for Processing The Aromatic and Medicinal Plants in Eastern Zawtar and its vicinity "Zaatar Zawtar" S.A.R.L.

Mohamad Nehme, known as Abou Kassem, has pioneered the domestication of the “Origanum Syriacum”, a wild thyme plant commonly known as Zaatar. After successfully breeding his own thyme plants through natural selection in Zawtar Al Sharkiyeh, his home town village in southern Lebanon, Abu Kassem decided to transfer his knowledge and best practices to other Zaatar plantations across Lebanon; thus, creating new job opportunities for more than 11 men and women. With his capacity to produce 10 tons of zaatar annually, Abou Kassem’s zaatar products have not only found their way across all of Lebanon but also into the international market!

Impact on society: capacity building, job creation, transfer of knowledge, women empowerment, rural development and economic growth.