Joud Al Ared


Cooperative Association for the Food-Processing and its Marketing in 'Abbasiyah S.A.R.L. – Tyre

For more than ten years, "Joud Al Ared" products have been a milestone for the Abbasiyah Cooperative, a women-led association that manufactures all types of Mouneh and handicrafts products. Al-Abbasiya is a southern village on the coast, famous for its proximity to the historical city of Tyre and agricultural lands, as one-third of its area is agricultural par excellence. The Abbasiyah cooperative also produces more than a ton of thyme per year and succeeded in preserving the traditional method of grinding Zaatar using a mortar and a pestle. ‘Abbasiyah Cooperative generates income for about 15 women who, in return, contribute to supporting their families and encouraging the local communities to take root in their lands.