Shouf Biosphere


The Shouf Biosphere Reserve

Al-Shouf Cedar Society was established in 1994 for the specific objective of leading the management of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve which is home to hundreds of dedicated communities managing an area of 50,000 hectares. Al-Shouf Cedar Society’s core mission is to conserve the natural and cultural heritage of the reserve, in cooperation with local institutions and communities and through environmental awareness and rural development activities. Not only is the biosphere rich in fertile soils and clean waters that result in healthy agro-food production practices but it also provides farmers and women with the opportunities and technical support needed to enhance their living standards and ensure sustainable cultivation in the vicinity of Chouf Cedars.  The biosphere reserve products span over a vast range of Lebanese Mouneh products available locally and in international markets. In 2019, rural development practices and capacity building programs that focused on women empowerment led to the sales growth of agro-food and Lebanese Mouneh products from 9,222 in 2018 to 10,114 units in 2019, also resulting in 118,000 visitors who experiences the natural beauty and prosperity of the reserve; thus, bridging the gap between residents of the villages and surrounding communities to walk to together "towards a better future, better environment and better life”.

Impact on society: job creation, alleviation of poverty, women empowerment, social development, economic development, climate change, land sustainability.


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